3 with 2 Review

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A Month of Dance in Vancouver
Vancouver International Dance Festival
Vancouver: March 3–April 4, 2009
by Rob Kitsos and Kaija Pepper

The cabaret environment of the free show venue was just as busy and varied as the main stage. These events were fun to watch, partly because of the informal atmosphere, being able to have a glass of wine, take in the art and move around. First up was “Three with Two” by Out Innerspace, the duet team of David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen. This was a whimsical duet full of odd rhythms and subtle shifts of weight, as if the performers were awkwardly flirting. Raymond and Tregarthen are theatrically engaging performers and beautiful movers. Raymond played the straight man to the wiry, rag doll Tregarthen. Midway into the duet, after partnering, awkward pauses and gesture motifs of concealing privates, Raymond exits and Tregarthen proceeds to go nuts. He returns to find her on the floor, tries to revive her and finally holds her deadweight body up to the audience with a crooked smile. With so much dark and heavy work on the contemporary dance stages, it is always a pleasure to see light-hearted work that is well crafted.