ABOUT: International Professional Summer Workshop 2023

Week 1 with Adam Khazhmuradov + Mariko Kakizaki 

Week 1: August 7 – 11 2023, 9am – 3:30pm | Q7 Studios, Vancouver BC

Adam Khazhmuradov was born in Kazachstan and raised in Belgium. He started his dance journey with streetstyles like hiphop, house, break,… where he still takes inspiration from for his classes. In 2015 he started the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Afterwards he joined the Hofesh Shechter company for 5 years. Now he is freelancing and based in The Netherlands. Adam has worked for various choreographers like Club guy and roni, Ivan Perez, Maxine doyle, Amos Bental, Yoann Bourgeois, Dalton Janssen…

About Adam’s Class | In this workshop we are going to explore the boundaries of our imagination connected to the physical body. The primal source of movement will be our senses, especially from within our skin. We’ll dive into sensations and imagery where there is no distinction between reality and imagination, between inner and outer sensation. Next to this we will also explore some of my recent repertoire and do creative tasks.

Mariko Kakizaki was born in Japan. She trained in rhythmic gymnastics during childhood and started dancing at the age of 18. She took part in Batsheva Ensemble dance company from 2012-2014 and L-E-V Sharon Eyal|Gai Behar from 2014-2020. As a choreographer she was awarded the Japan Dance Forum Award in 2020 and 2021. She is a certified Gaga teacher and co-owner of art-culture center “beq” in Kumamoto, Japan.

About Mariko’s Class | We will explore improvisational movement research and phrase work imbued with rich imagery. I value mind-body unity, and liberation of imagination and emotion through the body. In this workshop, we create a small scene together and explore the way to visualize inner feelings in the most precise and physical way.

Week 2 with Seoljin Kim + Cree Barnett Williams

Week 2: August 14 – 18 2023, 9am – 3:30pm | Q7 Studios, Vancouver BC

Seoljin Kim (1981, Jeju Island – KR) studied Dance at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and Choreography at the Korean National University of Arts. From 2001 until 2008 he worked as a dancer on more than 30 performances and created numerous pieces as a choreographer.

With his performance Lucifer (2003), he won the Grand Prix at the 40th National Dance Competition. Many other awards followed, amongst which the CJ Young Festival Dance Award for his performance Carnival Of The Animals (2006) and the Seoul Art Center Jayu Young Dance prize for his performance Depth Wish (2007). In 2008 he was selected for support by the Art Council Korea. At Peeping Tom, Seoljin was part of 32 Rue Vandenbranden (2009) and A Louer (2011). In addition, he worked as artistic assistant on Vader. In the summer of 2014, Seoljin won Dancing 9, a South Korean dance survival program on the Mnet channel. In 2015, Seoljin Kim was awarded the title of ‘Performer of the Year 2015’ by the Korean Ministry of Culture and he also received a ‘Dance Arts Award’ from Changmu Arts Center for his performance in A Louer.

About Seoljin’s Class | Seoljin Kim will be sharing a “PLAY BODY” dance workshop with an emphasis on gravity, time and space, texture, reality versus fiction and various characters in different situations. Participants will gain a better understanding of their bodies and individual expression.

Cree Barnett Williams choreographic/artistic research and work encompasses dance, theatre and satire, questioning the concept of the authentic self, acknowledging the body as a vessel of trauma, a historical resource and a tool for storytelling and human connection. Her practice has a somatic focus stemming from the need to emphasize physical and mental wellbeing in symbiosis. Her aim is to use listening, language and conscious awareness of her own experience to create safe working spaces in which to exchange. She has an interest in seeing ourselves and understanding our humanness through humour and movement/language specificity. With her work so far Cree has been exploring topics including the political nature of the female body, dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics and the urgent need for joy. – bio and class description to be announced soon.

About Cree’s Class | “Let‘s look at how we approach ourselves through voice, performance and theatricality in relation to movement. We will begin with a physical, somatic focused warm up, comprising breathing, checking in with ourselves, improvisation and set material. We won‘t aim to achieve technical feats, but to sense into sensitivity, detail and playfulness.”