David Raymond was born and raised in Penticton, BC and started taking tap classes at the age four. His many great teachers and mentors helped him develop a foundation rooted in urban, classical and popular dance. While starting out in Vancouver as a tap dancer, he continued to explore other types of dance, forming a collective called Over the Influence with four street dancers who trained and performed together. David’s hunger for new movement and approaches soon led to exploring alternative applications of his foundational forms and his choreographic voice.

In 2004 David first collaborated with Tiffany for a series of solo researches and after a year of continued collaboration they shared a two year creative residency in Antwerp to continue their creative partnership and develop their individual movement language. During this time David also began to take interest in video and explore ways in which he could capture and support dance with it. He also created works for a variety of post secondary institutions, studied with numerous international educators and guest instructed at Rotterdamse Danssacademie. David’s work draws upon our fear and curiosity for the things happening in and around us. As well as making dance, he shoots and designs video work for theatre and installation. Outside of his work with Tiffany and Out Innerspace, David is excited to be currently dancing and contributing with The 605 Collective and Wen Wei Dance. David has worked with many other companies and artists including, the response., Dana Gingras, Simone Orlando, Beijing Modern Dance, The Vancouver Opera and Move: The Company.

His dancing has taken him to Brazil, China, France, Belgium, Italy, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Bosnia and the US. In 2011 David was the recipient of the Isadora award for performance.

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre & Film Society is devoted to creating exciting and integral contemporary dance works. Determined to be innovative yet accessible, they push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation Out Innerspace celebrates the importance of challenging the preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance. Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen challenge each other to commit to their imaginations in order to expound their mutual voice, seeing no limitation to how they can push the idioms of dance as they know it. With an equal appetite for amusement and poignant meaning they combine their contrasting points of view to make a radically intricate and indicative dance language. They value the body and human experience as unlimited resources for discovery and meaning and rely on diligent process, rigorous free play and diverse inspiration to start something new and ever changing.

David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen first collaborated for David’s solo series presented at the 2004 East-side Cultural Crawl. Motivated by their contrasting physiques and matching hunger for movement invention, they continued training and workshopping together with a commitment to challenge each other’s dance impulses and ideologies. From 2005-2007, they pursued the development of this collaboration within a residency centered in Antwerp, Belgium and facilitated by Irma Swynen, Director of The Antwerp International Dansstage. During this time they created works, performed, studied, instructed and researched both independently and collaboratively as well as began exploring video integration with dance. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2007, David and Tiffany were invited to perform at the Vancouver International Dance Festival and Out Innerspace Dance Theatre was officially formed.

Tiffany Tregarthen was born in Prince George, BC and started jazz dancing in Ontario at the age of 8 and choreographing shortly after. With a background in tap, ballet, jazz and modern, her early mentors include Margo Hartley, Rosemarie Harris, Linda Klassen, Rachel Poirier and Yaming Li along with theatre studies at Eastwood Arts Collegiate and Backstage Theatre Company. Her professional career started at the age of 18 in New York with companies including Mia Michaels’ R.A.W. and working closely with choreographer/mentor Wes Veldink. She performed and choreographed for a season with POZ Dance Theatre in Seoul, Korea while guest instructing at Hansung University. Following this she spent a year in Vancouver creating several works for Pacific Dance Arts ballet program alongside her independent research and early collaborations with David Raymond.

From 2005 to 2007, during their residency centred in Belgium, she created collaboratively with David, co-created/performed works with Irma Swynen, created works for Ghent Conservatory in Belgium and Fontys Dance University in The Netherlands as well as instructed, trained and performed at seminars in Belgium, Italy and The Czech Republic meeting influential instructors/mentors including Anne Van den Broek, Lenka Jariskova, Ben Bergsman and Hans Tappendorf. Since returning to Vancouver, Tiffany has continued to devote herself to her practice and the form as a director, performer, creator and educator. Her independent credits include a commission for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal as one of the winners of the National Young Choreographer Competition, dancing for artists/companies including Simone Orlando, The Turning Point Ensemble, Gao Jinzi/The Beijing Modern Dance Company, The Vancouver Opera, Move:The Company and Julia Sasso, and created works for Simon Fraser University, Brief Encounters, Here To Go and more. She currently performs with Wen Wei Dance and Justine Chambers while pursuing all possible means for a diverse and longlasting dance vocation.